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About PV HandMade Shoes

About PV HandMade Shoes

PV HandMade shoes are made slowly, by hand, the old fashioned way.  Our shoes are made from the best leathers available, cut from our patterns and hand formed over Lasts.  The Uppers are stitched and cemented, the leather soles are fully hand-stitched, the wooden heels are nailed.  They are lined in comfortable Kidskin, and show beautiful finish detail.   

We are custom shoemakers, and we make each pair of shoes to individual customer order.  Our shoes can be made in any combination of our leathers, so it’s just not possible to show every variation here.  If you have something special in mind, or would like a combination of our materials you don’t see on offer in The Shop – or if you have special requirements –  just contact us. We’ll be happy to help.

Your shoes will be delivered to you four to five weeks after order, and our prices include worldwide shipping.  Your shoes are fully covered by the PV HandMade Guarantee.

Like a well tailored suit, PV HandMade shoes are quite different from a mass produced, store bought item.  They are made from the best leathers and materials, by people that still retain the skills to make shoes by hand.  They take time to make, and they are made to last.  We think you will agree that they are worth the wait.


Why wear ordinary shoes?

PV HandMade Soles

PV HandMade shoes are fitted with a beautiful, fully hand stitched leather sole. As standard, our shoes are also fitted with a hard wearing Topy non slip sole, which you may elect to delete in order to expose the leather. To protect your shoes, for maximum sole life, we recommend the Topy non slip sole.


Select your shoe, and the material in which it will made. Our shoes can be made in any combination of our leathers.

Many PV HandMade shoes can be further personalized with subtle decorative monogramming.


PV HandMade shoes are sized in standard European sizing. In The Shop, each is defined by a Narrow/Normal/Broad designation. Just order PV HandMade in the EU size you normally wear.

The PV HandMade Guarantee

Your custom made shoes or boots are covered by the PV HandMade Guarantee. Read the details here.