About ParVous



Silver Sling - Sole

We love shoes, bags and beautiful leathers. Quite a lot, actually.  We love classic, elegant designs and shapes.  Over the years, we’ve become pretty tired of tramping around stores for hours on end, not being able to find what we wanted because someone decided that Navy wasn’t “in” this year,  or that- apparently- all women are night clubbers, or pole dancers or long distance runners.  And while Designer Labels that cost more than a week on the Left Bank are very beautiful, they really aren’t  a day to day proposition for most of us.  And frankly, we got tired of paying a lot of money for shoes that were uncomfortable, mediocre quality and just like everyone else’s.  

So after one particularly frustrating expedition in search of that simple, classic Navy Pump-  over a glass of wine,  an idea was born.  Hand made, high quality shoes, each individually tailored to allow almost limitless design combinations…..and why can’t we match handbags in the same leathers?  Tailor made shoes and  matching handbags.  Hmmm. Pass that Sauv, please. 

Its been a long time in the making- to find the artisans who could deliver individual pieces with the quality and consistency we required,  to source the materials, to get the basic shoe shapes and the Lasts (the shoemaker’s molds) correct – to get all the required planets to align just so.

We know ParVous is not for everyone. Our focus is very much on elegance and quality, rather than seasonal high fashion.  And because each item is made to customer order, it takes time- four to five weeks- to make a ParVous shoe or handbag and deliver it you. So if you want it today, sadly, you’ve come to wrong place.  Think of us as the ‘slow food’  of couture.   But, we have found that ParVous customers can put up with the wait because they have clear ideas about what they want.  They love being able to tailor shoes and bags to suit their own tastes own,  they value individuality.  And they demand quality.   If that’s you, we think you will like ParVous.

However- if you really can’t wait….we’re very excited about the new ‘LisaW by ParVous’ collection.  These are shoes designed by us, made by ParVous’ shoemakers- and available right now.  We can make ‘LisaW’ in small batches, in stunning materials – and offer them at a different price.  The first of these is a beautiful, classic 4inch Point Toe, done in stunning Red or Silver Watersnake. We’re very proud of these- and they are in The Shop right now.

We have also introduced PV HandMade. We’ve discovered that its not only women who are interested in high quality, artisan made custom shoes, and we’re very pleased with the first dozen designs on offer.  A little unusual, but very classy and beautifully made. Dress up your man at PV HandMade.

The mantra at ParVous will always be “the best of everything.”   The best materials, craftsmanship and choice.  And we will always do our best to give you the best service.  So here it is, we hope you enjoy our site, we’ve tried hard to make it easy to use and a bit cheeky- and we hope will you like our beautiful shoes.







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