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About ParVous Shoes


About ParVous Shoes

At ParVous, we think it’s the little details that make all the difference. All of our products- shoes and bags, LisaW by ParVous and PV HandMade mens shoes – are custom made by hand, the old fashioned way, by real shoemakers. All our items are made from the best materials we can find. Your shoes are cut from leather, patterned and sewn by hand. They are pulled, then rested over Lasts, before being detailed and finished.

We believe they are the equal of any you will find in the most exclusive salons and boutiques at several times the price. And of course, because each pair of shoes is made to individual customer order, no two pairs of ParVous are quite the same.

It takes us four to five weeks to make your shoes and deliver them to you. Somethings cannot be done any faster- at least not by hand. But we know when you receive your ParVous shoes, you will be delighted. We guarantee it.

So really- why wear ordinary shoes when you can wear beautiful, hand made shoes, custom made just for you?

ParVous. By You.



Beautiful Detail....

While all ParVous shoes are beautifully made, it's when using hides from the ParVous Exotic Collection that this is most evident. Snake, Eel and Fishskins are cut and matched to make maximum use of the stunning features and character of the individual leathers.

This attention to detail, to the shoemakers art, means your ParVous shoes are quite unique.


Beauty, as we all know, is pain. As long time shoe-lovers ourselves, we also own other high quality shoes which are very beautiful- but golly, some of them hurt.

We wear ParVous shoes, and we spend all day in them- so we’ve gone to great lengths to make ParVous shoes as comfortable as they can be. The shoe inner is beautiful soft, hand-stitched Kid Skin, and the platforms and soles are as thickly padded as we can make them. Each shoe is supplied with a kit of additional pads that can be inserted to ensure fit and comfort.

A high heel is still a high heel- but comfort is often the first thing women remark upon when they slip on a ParVous shoe.


All ParVous shoes come standard with a hard wearing resin sole, fitted with the trademark ParVous crystal. The sole is available in either a natural Buff tone, or in Black.

Shoe Inner Lining

ParVous are lined with sumptuous, soft Kidskin and substantially padded. They are as comfortable as we can make them.

Why wear ordinary shoes?