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ParVous Style Elements

ParVous Style Elements

As well as the more than 120 colors and textures, ParVous offers you many different combinations of styles elements. Heels styles and heights, toe shapes, straps and backs. Any of these elements can be combined to create your perfect shoe. Mix and match to your heart’s content.   If you see anything at ParVous that you’d like to change or customize to make uniquely your own, just contact us. We’d be delighted to help.


Heel Heights

All ParVous shoes are available with 3, 4 or 5 inch (7.5, 10, 12.5 centimeter) heels. Except our lovely Ballerinas, of course!

Heel Styles

The shapes and look of the ParVous heel range has been carefully chosen to give you maximum shazzam- with a little convenience and comfort.

The Chunky Heel

A magnificent, modern shape, the Chunky Heel is the perfect combination of comfort and height – it’s the heel that you can happily wear all day, every day yet it says class and style.

The Classic Heel

The ParVous Classic Heel is a fabulous fine stiletto, providing a delicate silhouette in 3, 4 or the Skyhigh- 5 inch. At 5 inches this slender heel is not for the feint hearted and you do need to watch where you put your feet, but it is undeniably a spectacular and sexy heel shape, and that is why we refer to this shoe as The Supermodel.

The Straight Heel

Well balanced combination of shape and support. It gives a dramatic, bold line from your heel down. Being a little more significant than the Classic Heel, the Straight Heel does give a girl that bit of extra support and stability that she needs to get through her day….

The Curved Heel

Gloriously girly, the extra real estate of the Curved Heel shows off glorious leathers and spectacular skins fabulously. Due to the generous profile, the Curved Heel provides more support than the finer heel shapes, and is generally a bit more comfortable. We just love what the Curve Heel does to show off Snakeskin.

Toe Shapes

ParVous offers four toe shapes...

Almond Toe

A little wider than the rounded toe, the Almond Toe has a touch of the early ‘60s “Mad Men” look about it. This shape is available in both Covered and Peep Toe and is truly glamorous when combined with either a hidden or exposed platform.

Rounded Toe

The traditional pump shape, this toe shape is great for those with a longer narrower, foot shape as it narrows a little more at the toe than our other shapes. This shape is available in both covered and peep toe, and suits both hidden and exposed platforms beautifully. Available as Peep and Covered Toe.

Point Toe

A classic and elegant shape. The ParVous Point Toe is not an overly exaggerated long point and is only available as a Covered Toe. The Point Toe with no platform is a classic old time Hollywood starlet look, but add a hidden platform and you have dramatically modernized this look, creating a very structured shape that, frankly, is absolutely adored at ParVous.

Square Toe

A very comfortable toe shape. Quite a bold shape with a straight top edge at the toe, this shape is available in Covered Toe, Peep Toe and a Square Stitched Toe. The Square Stitched Toe keeps the definite structured edge of the Square Toe and looks spectacular with a hidden platform.