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PV HandMade FAQs

PV HandMade FAQs

About four weeks, worldwide.

PV HandMade shoes are made in standard EU sizing. Each is designated NARROW/AVERAGE/WIDE. Most of our shoes will suit AVERAGE +/- fittings. A couple are designated NARROW/AVERAGE. Avoid these if you have Hobbit feet.

Yes. In reality, all our shoe are specials and we can make any of our shoes in any combination of the leathers we offer. There is a CONTACT FORM on each shoe in The Shop. Just shoot us a note.

Prices include worldwide shipping.

Worldwide, except continental Africa and Indonesia. If that's a problem, contact us.

PV HandMade is ParVous' men's brand. Full ParVous Guarantee applies. Basically, if you're not happy, we'll replace or refund. Read the details here: The ParVous Guarantee

Stitched Leather soles like ours look great, and are the mark of a quality shoe. But leather soles will not last as long as your PV HandMade shoes. The Topy covering, in addition to providing superior non-slip and adding an additional layer of comfort (and making you taller) will last much longer than the best leather sole. Additionally, replacing the Topy is inexpensive- much easier and cheaper than re-soling. PV HandMade aren't like ordinary shoes, they will last you a very long time. Topy can be replaced numerous times, maximizing the life of the shoe.

However- the exposed leather sole looks great, so we make the Topy a 'delete' option. It can always be added later by your Shoemaker. We strongly recommend though, that you select Topy when ordering your PV HandMade shoes.

Yes, we do. We use PayPal as the secure payment gateway. You can buy using Visa or MasterCard- you do not need a PayPal account, although of course you can use it if you have one.

Using PayPal means that PV HandMade and ParVous DO NOT see or receive any of your payment details, beyond the necessary shipping information.

We think you'll be impressed.